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“DiMarzio does impressive, instantaneous transitions between vulgar and soulful, and she widens her vibrato to great effect as the character's insanity increases over the course of the show. Her last, plaintive "Hey, don't I know you, Mister" is hair-raising."

The Opera News



“DiMarzio stands out with her brassy,
to-hell-with-convention gusto…"

Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe




Stephen Sondheim tribute featuring Diana DiMarzio

“…wonderful in the role. Thanks for screeching
the "mischiefs." You sang it the way I had intended.
I thought I had written it wrong…. you proved
to me that I didn’t. Thank you.”

Stephen Sondheim

Diana Recording with Stephen Sindheim



Diana DiMarzio with cast of Sweeney Todd

Writes Patti LuPone about castmate Diana DiMarzio:
“I love watching this woman every night. Not only on stage but off stage. The silent dedication and gratitude. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and it shows. She and I work together in a couple of scenes and how it shows up the most is in her technique. I love an actor with technique. I’ll try something new and Diana is right there with me. She’s game, she’s alive every minute she’s on that stage. She also has this voice that’s freakish. It sounds like a dramatic soprano but she also belts with the same weight. And this girl will never miss a performance. She loves being on stage. How lucky I am to be on stage with her.”

Playbill/ Patti LuPone


“Finally, among the major roles, soprano Diana DiMarzio’s
weird and perfectly realized Beggar Woman—whose character
proves surprisingly central to the plot—was both colorful
and creepy. As a vocalist, she was fearless, burying what is
clearly a fine voice by wrapping it in a halting character on
the outer edges of complete madness. When a singer takes
risks like this, the result is a truly memorable evening of opera.”

Curtain Up / CDN Fairfax, Virginia


“DiMarzio's vocal quality is distinct from the others and her
rendition of "You're Nearer"
has a little echo of Judy Garland…”

Broadway World


“Pretty much everyone is close to perfection here…”

Ben Brantley, The New York Times


“Diana DiMarzio channeling Ethel Merman…”

Theater Mania


“Among the other actors, Diana DiMarzio
is delightfully distinctive as the
jauntily cynical Miss Jones Four.
She reminds one of Nancy Walker or
Ethel Merman back in the day


“Diana DiMarzio has striking moments as the Beggar Woman”


“DiMarzio’s Beggar Woman is a notable accomplishment”
The Washington Post


“Diana DiMarzio as the Beggar Woman is revoltingly appealing”
The Epoch Times International


“Diana DiMarzio is remarkable as the Beggar Woman”
The Star-Ledger


“Full of feeling”
Theater Scene


“Beautifully sung”
Aisle Say New York

With Michael Cereveris in Sweeney Todd“Good work provided by Diana DiMarzio”
Broadway World


“DiMarzio makes the most of the thankless (but important) role of the Beggar Woman”



“Diana Dimarzio’s Beggar Woman, so pivotal to the work, is poignant and she plays a fine clarinet.”


Diana DiMarzio in Light in the Piazza“Impressively big voice”
San Francisco Classical Singer


“Diana DiMarzio ha una voce melodiosa”
Oggi/Broadway & Dintorni by Mario Fratti



With cast of Light in the Piazza“DiMarzio contributes one of the cast’s most sumptuous voices as his mother”
(Light in the Piazza) Seattle




“…suave and theatrical with a quiet tenderness”
(Light in the Piazza)


Diana DiMarzio as Aldonza“…dominated by the bold performance of DiMarzio…the actress was in her element…”
(Man of LaMancha)
Democrat-News; Marshall, Missouri


“Played with passion…”
(Man of La Mancha)
The Day; New London, Connecticut


“Played with a refreshingly bawdy edge”
(Man of LaMancha)
Lexington Herald , Kentucky


“Her voice soared to the ceiling”
(Man of LaMancha)
The Blade: Toledo, Ohio


“Gave a gold-star performance all around”
The Vindicator: Youngstown, Ohio











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